What is the Solidarity Movement?

The Solidarity Movement, consisting of several institutions and independent partners, has approximately 500 000 families as members and is the largest mainstream Afrikaner organisation and one of the largest organisations in our country.

The main goal of the Movement is to help its people lead a normal life in a normal country. Each of the institutions and individual partners that are part of the Movement, plays a unique role in achieving this goal. Currently, the Movement consists of 21 institutions and 3 independent partners.


Member organisations


  1. The trade union: Solidarity

Solidarity fulfils the role of a traditional trade union, but at the same time offers a broader Network of Work which any working or prospective working person can join. Due to the constant changes in the workplace, the trade union established Occupational Guilds with the aim of organising people based on their occupation rather than their place of work, and in this way bringing them into contact with other people working in the same occupational field.


  1. AfriForum

AfriForum is a non-governmental organisation that aims to protect the rights of minority groups. Although the organisation operates on the internationally recognised principle of minority protection, AfriForum has a specific focus on the rights of Afrikaners as a community at the southern-most tip of Africa. AfriForum is therefore the civil rights leg of the Solidarity Movement.


  1. Solidarity Helping Hand

Solidarity Helping Hand is the Movement’s social wing that specifically focus on the development of the Afrikaner community and the creation of a social structure that can meet the demands of vulnerable groups (children, elderly and the disabled). They also try to alleviate urgent and direct need as far as possible and to create opportunities where poverty can be prevented through study and training.


  1. FAK

The FAK is one of the oldest cultural organisations – the oldest organisation in the Movement – with the federation already being established in 1929. The FAK is a future-orientated cultural organisation that offers a home for language and culture and promotes the Afrikaner history in a positive way. The FAK aims to be a cultural home for Afrikaners, empowering Afrikaners to proudly live out their identity. They also aim to focus on the development and promotion of the Afrikaans language and Afrikaner culture.


Education and training:


  1. Sol-Tech Occupational Training College

Sol-Tech is an accredited private occupational training college that are founded on Christian values and uses Afrikaans as medium of instruction.


  1. Akademia

Akademia is a Christian world-class higher education institution that plays a leading role in contemporary university life in an open, unfettered and critical way. All this in favour of the Afrikaans language community.


  1. Study Fund Centre

The Study Fund Centre (SFC) is a subdivision of Solidarity Helping Hand and has the specific aim to provide interest-free study loans to those in need, thus giving everyone the opportunity to complete their tertiary studies. The SFC forms part of Helping Hand’s strategy to not only alleviate poverty, but to break it by giving people the opportunity to receive further education and training.


  1. Support Centre for Schools

The Support Centre for Schools (SCS) is a private training institution focused on the professional and personal development of teachers in South Africa, the protection of Afrikaans schools’ rights and the development of solutions to problems teachers face in general. The SCS aims to establish healthy, sustainable, scalable, Christian, Afrikaans schools of world quality by firstly maintaining those which already exists, and secondly, building that which is needed now.


  1. Wolkskool

Wolkskool is the most important and largest product of the innovation team at the SCS. Wolkskool is a complete online school that is supplementary and enriching to existing schools and can be used at places where quality education in Afrikaans is under pressure. The ultimate goal of Wolkskool is to offer a complete digital Afrikaans school curriculum, which covers all grades and subjects.


  1. S-leer

S-leer is a subdivision of the trade union Solidarity and serves as a centre for continuous learning and development to help the working professional reach his or her career goals. S-leer forms part of Solidarity’s core business, namely labour relations, skills development and the broader Network of Work. S-leer serves as primary service provider for the Solidarity Occupational Guilds and offers their members the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills in such a way that they can get and maintain a good job, and thus live free, safe and prosperous.


  1. De Goede Hoop

De Goede Hoop is a private Afrikaans Christian residence for male and female students studying at the University of Pretoria. The residence was established by AfriForum in 2017. De Goede Hoop was established to serve as a cultural institution that offers accommodation to all students who are comfortable within the Afrikaans community.


Language and culture:


  1. Maroela Media

Maroela Media is an Afrikaans media house that strives to serve the Afrikaans community with news and other content that is of the highest quality and which is reliable and balanced. Maroela Media is not only the biggest Afrikaans digital platform, but also the largest Afrikaans media community of all media formats – digital, newspapers, magazines, television and radio included. Currently, Maroela has just more than 2 million unique readers per month and they are still growing.


  1. Forum Films

Forum Films is a full-spectrum production house for television, film, animation and full-length films. Forum Films launched by AfriForum, was officially launched on 30 August 2016, with the idea of it already being born in 2012. Forum Films is also seen as an important means of regaining ownership of our history and normalising it. One of the core objectives of Forum Films is therefore to help promote the Afrikaans language and the Afrikaner culture.


  1. Kraal Publishers

Kraal Publishers is a small, yet specialised publishing company that mainly focuses on the publication of quality non-fiction books that contribute to valuable debates regarding politics, history, cultural and social issues in the country within the Afrikaner community or among a specific target audience. This publishing house existed in 1999 during the 100-year anniversary of the Anglo-Boer War and initially focused on publishing collectors’ books on this war.


Funds, trusts and mobilising of capital:


  1. Solidarity Legal Fund

The Solidarity Legal Fund is the first of two funds managed and administered by the trade union, Solidarity. This fund specifically aims to oppose policies, projects or decisions by government, usually not in favour of the interests of minorities, through specific legal action. Although the Legal Fund places particular emphasis on opposing policies that are harmful to minorities – such as the BBBEE policy – the union often tackles cases that are not only in the interest of members and minorities, but also in the interest of the broader public.


  1. Solidarity Building Fund

The Solidarity Building Fund is the second fund managed and administrated by the trade union Solidarity. The Solidarity Movement is building a better society and better future for future generations. The Solidarity Building Fund is one of the ways in which the future is being built quite literally. This is done through contributions made to the Building Fund which funds the establishment of various cultural infrastructures.


  1. History fund

The History Fund is under management of the FAK. The History Fund specifically aims to contribute to the supports, preservation and normalisation of Afrikaner history. The FAK established the History Fund in 2016 in support of the series of history projects launched by the FAK in that year, which focused on the protection and preservation of Afrikaner history.


  1. Virseker Trust

The Virseker Trust resulted from a collaboration between Virseker, as part of Auto & General, and the Solidarity Movement where representatives of Solidarity serves as trustees. The purpose of the Virseker Trust is to give Afrikaners the opportunity to invest in specific training projects for the Afrikaans community by making use of a service in the private sector. The Virseker Trust is thus looking to mobilise Afrikaner purchasing power.


  1. De Kock Trust

The Arend Josias de Kock trust was established in 1863 with the birth of Arend Josias de Kock and officially registered in January 1998 by his grandson. This trust was initially established by Arend Josias de Kock for the purpose of not using the family’s money for their own gain, but rather to invest it in a trust that aims to assist the Afrikaner community through donations to specific community projects.


  1. Campus Trust

The Campus trust aims to be a donation fund that focuses specifically on the establishment of Afrikaans educational institutions. More specifically, the trust focuses on providing a sustainable model for recruiting, expanding and utilising donations for the education and training institutions of the Solidarity Movement – including Akademia, Sol-Tech and the Support Centre for Schools.


  1. Kanton Investments

Kanton is the investment company for properties established by the Solidarity Movement. The properties of the Solidarity Movement will serve as bases of the portfolio that will be expanded further through development. Kanton is a partnership between culture and capital and focus on providing sustainable property solutions at a good opbrengs to institutions in the Afrikaans community so that they can reach their goals. Kanton has the goals to create within the partnership between culture and capital, physical living spaces wherein Afrikaans can flourish.


Independent partners:


  1. Saai

The South African Agri Initiative (Saai) is an agricultural interest network for farmers through farmers, committed to protecting and promoting the rights, values, ideals and needs of family farmers in the primary production sector. As a network of interests, Saai plays an active role in the implementation of effective strategic solutions to agricultural problems that farmers experience on a daily basis and intends not to simply rely on the hope of policy influence.


  1. Pretoria FM

Pretoria FM, formerly known as Radio Pretoria, is an independent and community-based radio station located in Pretoria, South Africa. The range of Pretoria FM’s broadcast towers is about 2 million Afrikaans speakers. Pretoria FM is at the steering of numerous projects promoting the Afrikaans language community and the Afrikaner cultural community.


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History Fund

A fund to help promote the history of the Afrikaner.


The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations was established back in 1929. Today, this Federation is still the organisation that allows Afrikaans-speaking people to be creative in their language and culture. It is a future-orientated cultural organisation offering a home for the Afrikaans language and culture and is proudly promoting the Afrikaner history in a positive way.

Solidarity Helping Hand

Solidarity Helping Hand focuses on social wellbeing and the organisation’s larger vision is to find solutions to address Afrikaner poverty.

Solidarity Helping Hand’s calling is to solve poverty through community development. Solidarity Helping Hand believes people have a responsibility towards each other and towards the community.

Solidarity Helping Hand is based on the ideas of the Afrikaner Helpmekaar* Movement of 1949, placing a specific focus on “help”, “togetherness” and “mutuality”.

*Helpmekaar, meaning to aid one another

Forum Sekuriteit

Forum Sekuriteit was founded to provide a leading, dynamic and effective security service in South Africa, thereby increasing safety in communities.


AfriForumTV is a digital platform that is online and free of charge, offering visual content to members and non-members. Subscribers can explore various channels on their television set, computer or cell phone in the comfort of their own home by using the AfriForum TV App. AfriForumTV is yet another communication strategy to make the public aware of AfriForum news and events, but also to offer entertainment in the form of movies and fiction and reality series. This content will be provided by AfriForum TV itself, institutions within the Solidarity Movement and external content providers.

AfriForum Uitgewers

AfriForum Uitgewers (voorheen bekend as Kraal Uitgewers) is die trotse uitgewershuis van die Solidariteit Beweging en die tuiste van Afrikaanse niefiksie, Afrikanergeskiedenis én prima Afrikaanse produkte. Dié uitgewer het tydens die 100 jaar-herdenking van die Anglo-Boereoorlog in 1999 ontstaan en aanvanklik gefokus op die publikasie van versamelaarsboeke oor dié oorlog.

AfriForum Youth

AfriForum Youth is the official youth section of AfriForum, the civil rights initiative that forms part of the Solidarity Movement. AfriForum Youth is based on Christian principles and our goal is to promote independence among young Afrikaners and influence the realities in South Africa by launching campaigns and actively taking a stand for young people’s civil rights. AfriForum Youth’s essence includes the acquisition of cultural freedom and the expansion of the Christian democratic ideological framework.

De Goede Hoop student residence

De Goede Hoop is a modern, Afrikaans student residence that maintains high standards. It is situated in Pretoria.

De Goede Hoop offers a home to dynamic students with Christian values and a passion for Afrikaans; a home where you as a young person can share in healthy student traditions and live your student life to the full in self-confidence and to do so in Afrikaans.

Study Fund Centre

THE HELPING HAND STUDY TRUST (HHST) is an initiative of Solidarity Helping Hand and is a registered public charitable organisation that makes it possible for indigent Afrikaans students to study by granting interest-free study loans to them.

At the moment, the HHST manages more than 200 independent study funds on behalf of various donors and has already made it possible for more than 6 300 indigent students to study by having granted financial aid totalling R238 million.


Solidarity’s centre for continued learning is a training institution that offers continuing professional development to professionals. S-leer aims to assist working people to achieve their career goals through seminars, short courses, and by offering discussion opportunities and e-learning opportunities in which relevant themes are discussed and presented.

Solidarity Youth

Solidarity Youth prepares young people for the labor market, stands up for their interests and help them to join the Network of Work. Solidarity Youth is a tool to help young people with career choices and is a home for young people.

Solidarity Legal Fund

A fund to oppose the unlawful implementation of affirmative action.

Solidarity Building Fund

A fund specifically aimed at building Solidarity’s training institutions.

Solidarity Financial Services (SFS)

SFS is an authorised financial services company that forms part of the Solidarity Movement. This institution’s vision is to promote the future financial wellbeing, financial security and sustainability of Afrikaans individuals and businesses. SFS does so by offering competitive financial services and products that are available in Afrikaans, while also offering excellent service, all with a view to a greater cause.

Our centre

The Community Structures Division currently consists of two medical support projects and three community centres, namely Ons Plek in the Strand, Derdepoort and Volksrust. The three community centres were established to provide safe kindergarten and/or after-school care in the respective communities. The community centres are currently accommodating a total of 158 children in the respective after-school centres, while Ons Plek in the Strand has 9 pre-school children and Ons Plek in Volksrust has 16 pre-school children in the pre-primary school.

Support Centre for Schools (SCS)

The vision of the Support Centre for Schools (SCS) is to (help) ensure the future of Christian, Afrikaans education by helping to maintain quality education where it already exists and by helping to create new capacity where it is needed.

The SCS’s goal is to assist every Afrikaans medium school in the country to continue to offer world-class education in the future that keeps in pace with the latest research and international best practices.


Sol-Tech is an accredited, private vocational training college that is founded on Christian values and uses Afrikaans as medium of instruction.

Sol-Tech focuses on vocational training that leads to the acquisition of nationally recognised, useful qualifications. The qualification students obtain from Sol-Tech serves as a basis for further study and ultimately to obtain a recognised engineering qualification. Sol-Tech therefore has as its aim to realise young people’s future dreams as far as career development is concerned and does so through goal-specific training. Sol-Tech wants to be there today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to provide a service to young people.


Akademia is a Christian higher education institution that plays a leading, open-minded and critical role in the current day university system.

Akademia strives to provide an academic home where both the mind and the heart are shaped with a view to a meaningful and free future.

Akademia is building on from what we have received from the past to pass it on to the next generation in a better condition.

AfriForum Publishers

AfriForum Uitgewers (previously known as Kraal Uitgewers) is the proud publishing house of the Solidarity Movement and is the home of Afrikaans non-fiction, products related to the Afrikaner’s history, as well as other prime Afrikaans products. The publisher recently shifted its focus and will only publish internal publications of the Solidarity Movement from now on.

Maroela Media

Maroela Media is an Afrikaans internet news hub where you can read everything about what matters in your world – whether you live in South Africa or live elsewhere and want to be part of the Afrikaans Maroela community. Maroela Media’s Christian character is at the heart of its editorial policy.

Kanton Investment Company

Kanton is a property investment company established by the Solidarity Movement. The Solidarity Movement’s properties form the basis of the portfolio that will be further expanded through development.

Kanton is a partnership between culture and capital and focuses on providing sustainable property solutions at a good return to institutions in the Afrikaans community so that they can achieve their goals.


Wolkskool, a cloud-based school, is a product of the Support Centre for Schools (SCS), a non-profit organisation comprising a team of education experts, that strives to help ensure quality education through medium of Afrikaans. Wolkskool offers a platform where learners have 24-hour access to video classes, exam papers, worksheets with memorandums and online assessments.


Ajani is a registered private company that offers placement opportunities to artisan students in particular.

Begrond Instituut

The Begrond Institute is a Christian research institute that assists the Afrikaans language and culture community in obtaining biblical answers to important life questions.


An independent business organisation

Pretoria FM en Klankkoerant

A community-based radio station and news service


An agricultural network for family farmers that strives to look after the interests of family farmers by protecting and promoting their rights.

Our shop’

Ons Winkels is Solidarity Helping Hand’s donation shops. There are 120 shops nationwide where members of the public can donate second-hand items such as furniture, kitchenware, linen and clothing. The shops receive the donations and sell high quality items at affordable prices to the public.


AfriForum is a civil rights organisation that mobilises Afrikaners, Afrikaans-speaking people and other minority groups in South Africa and protects their rights.

AfriForum is a non-governmental organisation – registered as a non-profit company – with the aim of protecting the rights of minorities. While the organisation functions according to the internationally-recognised principle of the protection of minorities, AfriForum specifically focuses on the rights of Afrikaners as a community living on the southernmost tip of the continent. Membership is not exclusive, and any person who can associate themselves with the contents of the organisation’s Civil Rights Manifest may join.